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Production Capacity


The production department consists of three production units: die-casting workshop, cleaning workshop and machining workshop. There are nearly 300 employees in the three workshops, one for each of 1.5 tons and 2 tons of centralized smelting furnaces, and one for 20T holding furnaces. 280 tons to 3000 tons of die casting machine 27, processing center and various processing equipment nearly 200 units, can produce 13000 tons of die castings.


The workshop has long been engaged in the production of high-end and complex auto parts, and has accumulated a lot of on-site technical and management experience. The main products of the workshop include clutch housing, transmission housing, torque converter housing, automatic transmission housing, and valve body. , steering gear housing, power tools and medical device housing. Everyone in the workshops upholds the spirit of “customer-oriented” and “Qin-based” and serves the company to provide customers with high-quality die-casting products!