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Development team

The Huiwang R&D team has a total of 66 people responsible for the development of new product molds and the development of aluminum die casting production processes;

Among them, 5 die structural design engineers are responsible for the overall structural design of the new mould, 8 3D design engineers, responsible for the 3D solidification of the design of the die structural design engineer, 10 2D engineers, and responsible for rough drawing drawing and 2D drawing drawing of the die, 3 mold simulation engineers responsible for the simulation verification of the design process; 14 product development engineers, 4 chief engineers, 6 project engineers, 4 assistant engineers, responsible for the early quality planning of aluminum die castings, and the organization and submission of APQP and PPAP documents 8 die casting process engineers are responsible for the technical development and continuous improvement of the die casting production process. 8 engineers are responsible for the development and planning of machining projects, process preparation and optimization; 10 quality engineers responsible for coordinating the internal and external quality of the company. Deal with the problem and continue to improve, and always communicate with the customer to solve problems in the production process and provide quick feedback.

Technology Development

Category Quantity
Mould designer 5
Mould 3D engineer 8
Mould 2D engineer 10
Simulation Analysis Engineer 3
Project development engineer 14